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Dates & Times:
Week 1: July 25th, 26th & 27th 2017.
Week 2: August 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2017.
Cost: €90 per week (includes nutritious wholesome foods supplied)
Daily Times 10am – 2pm

Have fun learning: • Yoga • Mindfulness • How to make healthy Meals & Snacks • How to be a nutrition spy • How to shop healthily

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About Healthy Habits Summer Camp

Healthy Habits Summer Camp will be presented in Body Fix Drogheda by Cora and Noele McEvoy. Cora has over 10 years experience in delivering kids yoga progammmes in the primary schools of the north east leinster area while Noele is a health coach based in Spain. Both Noele and Cora have all the life skills to train and educate your children with the necessary tools to lead a happy, healthy and mindful life.

Each week on the camp the children will be introduced to yoga, mindfulness and healthy eating in a fun, non-competitive and supportive learning environment. Everyone will be introduced to one another and given a positive affirmation quote to mark the start of the camp. Healthy Habits Summer Camp will be divided into two sections each day Healthy Habits Yoga & Healthy Habits Food.


  • Daily yoga practice to enhance strength, flexibility and focus.
  • Daily meditation, relaxation, mindful moments and discussions.
  • Yoga games and therapy artwork.
  • Create delicious smoothies, meals and desserts.
  • Learn how to become a Supermarket Spy.
  • Discover the importance of making a “rainbow plate”.

See the benefits of yoga; mindfulness and healthy eating transform your child over this three day summer camp. You might even pick up a few healthy habit tips from your child. Namasté

Healthy Habits Food

We need to equip our children with the knowledge to allow them to make healthy food choices, to know that by eating a broad range of wholefoods, they will get all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow up, strong and healthy.

On this camp your children will learn to create delicious and healthy meals, snacks and desserts. They will discover that healthy food can be fun, easy to prepare and delicious to eat. All whole foods will be used. Dishes will be wheat, dairy and refined sugar free. Children will try new foods. All they need to bring is an empty lunchbox.

Every week we walk through supermarket aisles where products proclaim goodness, yet contain high levels of sugar, hydrogenated fats and little or no nutrition. To understand labelling often requires a degree in nutrition. We need to give our children the knowledge that allows them to understand labelling and make healthy choices.

On this camp we will use a fun learning environment to discover how to be a “nutrition spy” in the supermarket. We will use simple and quick rules to help find the hidden “junk”. We will discover ways to make a “rainbow” plate, to ensure our bodies get all the vitamins & minerals it needs .

Through a range of activities the children will have fun learning these life skills and you can look forward to a nice healthy breakfast in bed.

Healthy Habits Yoga

The children will learn all about the origins of yoga and what a yoga class involves. They will learn ways to be mindful and taught, through different breathing exercises, how to cope and deal with uncomfortable emotions in the body and how to self soothe. We learn about our body, how to keep our body healthy, supple and strong through different yoga poses. Children will be introduced to therapy artwork where they will learn different techniques to help them relax and take time out for themselves from their busy days.

Each day we have a different yoga theme. We get creative with story telling, yoga games and therapy artwork.

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