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Saturday 30th March 2019

Time: 9:30am – 5pm

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Join us for a 1-Day ‘Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat’ in March at the beautiful house and grounds of Townley Hall, Slane Road, Co Louth.

This inspiring retreat is an opportunity to step away from your usual routine and busy pace of life, to look after your own health and well-being.

Designed to restore mental clarity and rejuvenate the body we will explore the benefits of mindfulness and yoga in a relaxed and friendly environment.  You will be challenged within your own limits, through experiential practice, interactive exercises and discussions.


MINDFULNESS is a system of meditation that places great importance on the mind’s capacity to bring awareness to each moment.

We can cultivate this form of non-judgmental, present moment awareness using proven mindfulness exercises.  This process has been shown to actively promote mental and physical well-being.  Extensive research spanning over 30 years suggests that mindfulness practice can positively and often profoundly affect our ability to reduce stress, increase resilience and live more fully.


YOGA is an ancient practice that cultivates health and well-being by developing greater strength, flexibility and awareness of both body and mind.

The benefits of yoga arise through a process of centering, breathing, posturing, meditation and relaxation exercises. Yoga practice encourages us to explore and acknowledge our individual limits without causing ourselves harm. The most important thing in yoga is whatever is happening on ‘your’ mat for ‘you’.



  • Experience and understand the core aspects of mindfulness theory and practice
  • Discover how to apply and integrate evidence-based mindfulness teachings about well-being and the mind into your daily life
  • Examine stress physiology and learn how to limit the negative impact of life’s challenges
  • Explore Hatha Yoga sequences that promote mindful awareness through movement
  • Cultivate mind-body balance with Yin Yoga’s slow gentle poses
  • Enjoy Townley Hall’s beautiful private house and grounds
  • Meet and learn with like-minded people in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • A healthy lunch will be provided as will tea \ coffee and refreshments throughout the day

Suitable for all levels of mindfulness and yoga experience

from complete beginners to advanced



Colin Kierans (Mindfulness Teacher)

Colin is currently studying for a MA in Mindfulness-Based Teaching.  He adheres to the Good Practice Guidelines of the Irish Mindfulness Teachers Network, which requires ongoing supervision, training and residential courses.

Colin’s training and teaching focuses on mindfulness meditation and practice while drawing on aspects of neuroscience, cognitive science and stress physiology.  He is particularly interested in the application of mindfulness in the areas of psychological resilience and physical health.

As well as teaching mindfulness-based courses and workshops to the general public Colin has also led mindfulness-based training for voluntary agencies and groups of mental health professionals, with a primary focus on self-care.

Cora McEvoy (Yoga Instructor)

Cora is practicing yoga for almost 20 years.  She became qualified as a Hatha yoga instructor in 2004 with YTTC Ireland. Over the years she has continued to study and has completed various courses and workshops including Ashtanga, pilates and children’s yoga.  She now holds a 500YA teaching qualification and most recently completed the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme.

Cora’s classes are inspired by the Hatha and Yin yoga styles.  Movements are taught with a focus on mindful awareness, breathing and exploring the stillness within.

The core of Cora’s own practice and teaching is taking care of our bodies and minds.